SpamSol® - Spam/Virus Filtering

Eliminate 99% of SPAM from your E-mail Inbox with SPAMSOL®

Over 85% of all electronic mail traffic is a waste of time. That's why SpamSol is perfect for absolutely ANYONE who uses E-mail. SpamSol SOLVES the SPAM problem, eliminating nuisance E-mail from your inbox, increases workplace productivity, and mitigates exposure to criminal hackers, spammers, and phishers.

  1. GCIS' Spamsol is a SPAM solution that really works. With Spamsol you can take back your E-mail from spammers. Spend more time with real E-mail and let us deal with the SPAM.

  2. You do not have to change your current E-mail host. This service can be applied to your current email environment without any adverse impact.

  3. Guard your E-mail server from increasingly common "flood attacks" and "dictionary harvest attacks".

  4. Increase productivity with the most accurate SPAM filter available

  5. SPAM and Viruses are blocked well before they reach your enterprise, keeping your company secure and productive

  6. User-specific, browser-based Quarantine & Administration

  7. Requires no configuration changes to your PCs

  8. Works seamlessly with your existing hosting provider/ISP

  9. Spamsol is account based, so you can use it on as many or as few accounts as you need.

For as low as $3.00/mo per email account. Try SpamSol® free for 30 days. Call 513-381-5144





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